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We count on our godmothers and godfathers to keep the Sanctuary active and to be able to welcome more animals and change their lives. All value is destined to costs with food, structure, medical attention and medicines. Choose a being and a monthly contribution amount to support the sanctuary.

Meet the animals


The countless calves calved in such a milk industry are disposable, and with Joaquim it would be no different. As soon as he was born he would be killed, or placed inside a bag with his head out, tied up and left in a place where a truck passes that collects these discarded calves. Then they are sold for up to 50.00 inside as if they were “things”. We rescued Joaquim with one day to live, alone, helpless and far away from his mother that he never even knew!



Francisco was rescued with a day of life. His mother was inseminated to “produce” an Angus calf. Its genetic structure favors a greater amount of “meat” in less time! We bought Francisco for 200,00. It would be slaughtered with less than one year of life.


We rescued Noah when we went to get milk for Francisco. A newborn baby thrown and tied in a corner. We bought Noah for 250.00. It is of the zebu breed, a giant and extremely docile being, so it is very “produced” in the so-called “meat industry”.



When we acquired the property, Lucy lived here. She suffered a lot, she wouldn’t let anyone near her, she was very afraid. They took away her children and friends, she saw the death of beings who lived with her many times. Today with much love, she is learning to trust the human being. Her best friend is Violeta, who even laid an egg on Lucy. 




The destiny of the Salvador would be to pull a cart. It was rescued by volunteers. With several scars he is a very traumatized horse, but today he is managing to trust more and more the human being.



Enrico arrived at the sanctuary in great fear. Because he was the smallest of the four little pigs rescued in the same place, he must have been very hungry. Today he is very much loved and lies down to ask for affection.



Valentine is a paraplegic rabbit and was rescued by a volunteer. He lived in a cage, getting more atrophied every day. He came to the sanctuary to teach us once again how much we have to learn from these enlightened beings. Valentine is doing acupuncture and physical therapy to try to improve his life condition. But he still doesn’t care about what he lacks, but the possibility to explore everything he can. Sweet bunny, authentic, sappy and playful who loves life and freedom. 





We rescued Stephen from a dirty and tight place with 2 to 3 months of life. Scared, without ever having known the sun, wind and earth would be slaughtered brutally. It belonged to traffickers. We can say that Stephen only has size because he is very affectionate. One of the first to start trusting the human being, today he is happy. 



Of the four little pigs we rescued, Edna was the eldest, we believe she had been there the longest. She doesn’t have some teeth, they must have pulled out as soon as she was born, (this act is very common in the breeding of pigs for slaughter), she arrived at the sanctuary very angry and didn’t give a chance for affection and love. But today she is simply a happy little pig, loves to sleep, mud and water. Edna is joy! Love has transformed her into the being she should never have been.




 Elisa is very calm, she was rescued with Enrico, Estevão and Edna. She loves to be pampered, she could spend hours lying down receiving affection, kisses and hugs. Rescued when she was about 3 months old, she lived in a dirty, dark and small place.



Dorinha was rescued days before becoming “soup”. She lived in a dark and green place, today free, loves affection and is extremely docile.

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Rosa is a sweet and serene little pig. When she arrived at the sanctuary she felt the grass, the wind and the sun for the first time in her life. Rosa has difficulties to walk because the space where she was raised did not allow her any movement except lying down and getting up. Her legs lack the strength to walk.



  This is Pluma. A giant and very fearful rabbit for having been rejected four times. Pluma found coziness near Lucy, our old and quiet sheep. Since she arrived, she is close to her and is still very afraid of humans and other animals.  



Salsinha is a sausage that was left here on the site as soon as we acquired it. They didn’t want it anymore. She was very afraid, and until today she can’t see a broom. Today Salt is pure joy. She loves to receive and give affection.

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Oliver was rescued from the same filthy and tight place as Martin. He was luckier, even though he was trampled as well, he didn’t need surgery but he got a limp leg. Oliver is a curious little sappy pig, who loves to live and is not afraid to explore new places! For sure Oliver, we will do our best so that you can be happy and independent with all the care you deserve.

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Martin is a piggy rescued from a very tight place. He was stepped on by bigger pigs because in this place there is no one who cares about their lives, he is just another one. His front legs were injured and he had to undergo surgery and his left ear was practically destroyed. He needs a lot of care, love and affection.
Martin is a warrior pig that deserves all the chances in the world to live happily.




Pietro was rescued one of the times when we were going to fetch hay for the animals of the sanctuary, he was thrown in a corner on top of his own feces. He was left to die because he had a lot of diarrhea. He is a male calf and discarded from the dairy industry, his mothers are artificially inseminated every year to have a baby and thus produce more and more milk for humans.
The females that are born will have the fate of their mothers, being exploited and enslaved until their bodies can take no more, and then they are sent to be murdered in a slaughterhouse. Mothers who never know their children, as they separate calves from mothers as soon as they are born. Male calves are discarded and killed as soon as they are born or, in some cases, are raised for a few months before being slaughtered.
“Veal meat” are male calves, discarded and confined in tight and dirty places to be slaughtered after two to three months of life.
As Pietro was left to die, we managed to get the producer to let us bring him, he arrived at the sanctuary sick and prostrate. We called the vet, medicated, but we didn’t think he would survive… Today Pietro is recovered and is living the life he really deserves.



There are only two paths for all calves born in the livestock industry: slavery by the dairy industry or slaughter for meat. They are thrown and tied in a corner by a rope away from their mothers. They are left a little vessel with a little milk from some suffering and enslaved mother so that they can survive until someone comes to pick them up to become veal or have their lives taken away after gaining enough weight to be exposed in trays in supermarkets or butcher shops.

It was no different with Cecília, we went to pick her up today because we were told that there were new babies that were born. We got there and they had 5 babies, but Cecília was the only one he gave in because she is not suitable for milk. She would be slaughtered at around one year of age.