“Why make such a difference, from the point of view of sensitivity, between men and animals? (…) Why shouldn’t they have the same rights? (…) [H]hears a time – I regret to say that in many places it has not yet passed – in which most of our species, under the name of slaves, were treated by law on exactly the same footing as, for example, in England, the lower animal races are still treated today. The day may come when the rest of animal husbandry acquires those rights that should never have been taken away from them, were it not for tyranny. (…) The day may come when it will be recognized that the number of legs, the hairy skin, or the extremity of the sacrum are equally insufficient reasons to abandon a sensitive being to the same fate. What other factor could demarcate the dividing line that distinguishes men from other animals? Would it be the faculty of reasoning, or perhaps that of speaking? However, an adult horse or dog is incomparably more rational and more social and polite than a day, or week, or even month old baby. However, suppose the case were different: even in this hypothesis, what would be demonstrated with it? The problem is not whether the animals can reason; neither does it matter whether they talk or not; the real problem is this: can they suffer?”. WELCOME, 1979, p. 63.



Serious, powerful and informative documentary about the tragic and unforgivable use that society makes of non-human animals. Narrated by actor Joaquin Phoenix, with soundtrack by Moby, and directed by Shaun Monson, this film should be seen by everyone to see the reality that animals are submitted to daily.


Documentary released by Chris Delforce. The film shows the many ways in which animals are regularly abused. The reality of farm animals, wild animals, pets, entertainment animals, fur animals and animal experimentation are presented.


A Carne é fraca is a documentary produced by the Nina Rosa Institute on the impacts of eating meat on human health, animals and the environment.


Cowspiracy is a documentary that examines the impacts of livestock and fishing on nature, and investigates how environmental organizations deal with the issue. The organizations analyzed in the documentary include Greenpeace, Sierra Club, Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, Rainforest Action Network, among others.


The Sexual Politics of Meat – Carol J. Adams  |  Galactolatria – o mau deleite – Sônia T. Felipe  |  Why We Love Dogs, Eat Pigs, and Wear Cows – Melanie Joy  |  Animal liberation – Peter Singer  |  Dominion: The Power of Man, the Suffering of Animals, and the Call to Mercy- Matthew Scully  |  Carnelatria – Sônia T. Felipe  |  Eating animals – Jonathan Safran Foer