Who we are

The Sanctuary began in March 2020 when we rescued four pigs that had been mistreated and would soon be slaughtered. Many years ago we rescued dogs and cats, but we lived in a house in an urban area, without space and legal permission to shelter other species. For our family, the transition to veganism was a unanimous decision and it occurred in 2017. Even though we were totally inexperienced in dealing with animals, every year we felt the need to have more contact and to be able to give a life to these beings who were victims of exploitation in the meat, milk and egg industry. Besides, we wanted to provide the contact of people with animals so that they could know veganism. Thus, we acquired the farm in July 2019, but without structure and with insecurity linked to the lack of experience in how to take care of animals, our initial intention was only to take care of the dogs and cats we had, rescue a calf and take care of Lucy (elderly sheep that was abandoned by the former owner of the farm) . However, when we rescued Joaquim in October 2019, a victim of the milk industry, we couldn’t close our eyes to the countless other discarded calves we saw when we picked up the milk for Joaquim.

The name of the sanctuary “Amor que salva” (Love that Saves) is linked to our transition with veganism. When we finally came across the cruelty that animals are subjected to in the industry of milk, meat and eggs, we could not ignore this fact and a strong feeling of hopelessness and sadness was part of our days. When we are with animals, we can believe in pure and true feelings. Through them we discover the simplest way to be happy, which is to give and receive love unconditionally. Caring for and living with animals has become a life purpose.