Every animal deserves a life with love and respect

Who we are

The name of the shrine “Love that Saves” is linked to our transition with veganism. When we finally come across the cruelty to which animals are subjected in the industry of milk, meat and eggs, we can no longer close our eyes and a strong feeling of hopelessness and sadness has been part of our days.  

Be a godmother or godfather

Each animal in the Sanctuary has a special history and its unique way of being. With a monthly fee, you can become the sponsor of one of them and help us change your life with love and dignity.

Do you want to visit the Sanctuary and interact with the animals?
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Go vegan ♥ 

We ask for peace while we feed on violence. We ask for wisdom while we prefer to live in ignorance. We seek freedom while imprisoned in selfishness and cruel habits. We must face our mistakes, vices, and failures so that we can connect with nature, with animals, and with our true spirit of humanity.

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